Shellback is for sale

Click on photos for a look at some pics of the construction and some finished pics. (shellback) Currently I am refinishing all the paint and bright work. Adding some floor boards and a rubing rail. Inquiries welcomed for custom builds or the purchase of this fine boat.

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Here are a few pics from the end of the first season with SV Action Plan. Note that a steel cradle has been built. If any one would like the dimensions for this please contact me. It required a template and a scuba dive. 20111116-172535.jpg










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Haul out Nov 1st

Season is over and Action Plan (Lok’s Nest) is now on the hard at RBC.   Cradle was constructed after building a jig and then doing a short dive to determine final dimensions.   Lots of small projects were listed over the last couple of months.    Some of them have even been completed.   The goal this winter will be to get everything working properly that we possibly can while spending as little money as possible.  There will be lots of checking, adjusting, tweaking, painting etc over the winter.    Some concept projects will be drawn and put into the planning stages.  Here is the list so far:
Nav Station and Electrical
[ ] mount ham radio and antenna
[ ] mount radar
[ ] inspect and repair electrical system: inprogress    removed sub panel and reassigned some circuits.  Lots of fiddling around here.
[X] relocate battery 1 completed nov 2011
[ ] locate and repair speed log located nov 1 2011 looks like it just needs to be cleaned of bottom paint!
[ ] build nav seat

[ ] get some solar panels

[ ] Add a wind generator

[ ] sort our electrical panel work in progress as of november 2011

[X] feed for auto helm completed october

[ ] broken and damaged wire starboard side near nav station.  there is one three wire and one brown single that are broken here.

[ ] move ground for switch for bilge 1 so that it shows up on amp meter

[X] install auto sw for bilge found that it was already there.

[X] fix lite above cooler completed october 2011

[X] fix port side lite aft of table completed october 2011

[ ] rebuild head pump

[ ] trim around shower pan

[ ] shower curtain hold back


[ ]  fix spreader lights

[ ] fix steaming light

[ ] replace velcrow on sail cover

[ ] inspect all standing rigging

Hull and Deck
[ ] paint decks

[ ] Build swim platform for stern

[ ] reconfigure stern rail to accommodate swim platform and davits etc.

[ ] get lettering for name on transom.

[ ] backing blocks for sheaves

[ ]  repair or replace bow roller

[ ] fix leak in starboard scupper

[ ] fix Bimini at zipper

[ ] build boarding ladder

[ ] repair rungs on emergency ladder

[ ] check and service all thru hulls and hoses

[ ] cut polish hull

[ ] make new cover for mast hole

[ ] sketch design for hard dodger

[ ] sketch design for solar panel support and davit system

[ ] Relocate main winch (this will eliminate the need to have the reversing sheaves.

[ ] ctol combing rail

[ ] paint rub strip

Galley Projects
[ ] general redesign for galley

[ ] build rack for glasses and mugs etc

[ ] Insulate back of ice box

[ ] behind stove arrangement

[ ] ice box access and location of condenser

[ ] fold up cutting board

[ ] Make cutting board to fit in sinks

[ ] shelves under sink

[ ] build cupboards and or shelves behind and above stove. Also on bulkhead

[ ] build dividers for food storage starboard side

[ ] fix or replace foot pump

[ ] Look for a compressor that would work with the condenser that i have.

[ ] Close off area behind galley and insulate/sound barrier

[ ] make new seals/cover for ice box

[ ] find a deeper sink . It would be good to still have two sinks, but with one that is substantially deeper. Also to have a cutting board cover for one or both sinks.

[ ] make storage bin in counter top to left of sinks. this is currently wasted space.

[ ] move sliding doors from galley to port side shelf. This would make much more easy access in the galley as well providing additional space to store things out of site. The back of galley should be very carefully organized so as to not to include things needed when the stove is lit.

[ ] Convert stove over to LPG  Nov 9   talked to tasco people.  they advised that it would cost about 500 to do the conversion.   this is cost prohibitive now.   I think i will stay with the cng and look for sources.

Engine and Mechanical

[ ] check and lubricate steering system

[ ] inspect and lubricate centerboard lanyard system

[ ] repair extra fuel tank and install in port quarter

[ ] insulate engine compartment

[ ]  find oil leak in engine. Make safety sump  Use USB camera to inspect

[ ] Power Wash engine compartment and paint
[ ] engine hours counter. Repair or replace
[X] temp sensor and sender the sender was replaced in september
[ ] sensor still does not work. looks like i will need to create a separate circuit with an alarm for this

[ ] alternator. Repair internal regulator or replace e with external. Priced new one. On order November 2011

Main Cabin and Accommodations

[ ] make triangular cushion for v berth

[ ] build book case

[ ] make finish moldings for inside

[ ] fix fiddles on table. Make deep fiddle for matress

Heating System

[ ] make damper and smoke stack

[ ] look for hydronic heating system


[ ] License vessel with transport canada and get numbers.

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Links to boat quest video

Here are the links to the video documentary that chris made as we looked for the boat and then brought her home. Once you click on one you can just go to the next one from the YouTube page. All ten videos are now up.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10

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We are home!

I didn’t get a chance to post anything yesterday, but we are home in Canada!  We arrived in St. Andrews and cleared in at about 12:30 pm on the high tide.    We had a series of visitors all after noon, including Carol, Chris’s mom, Naomi, Isabelle, Browyn, Jill, Val, Nick… and lots of FB responses.    It is now Monday morning.  Chris went with Nat for his sift to see what his work life is like and they will sleep for a bit this AM before returning to the boat.   We will leave just before HW to catch the beginning of the ebb through Letite passage and then Saint John!    We will probably lie at Market Slip or Longs Wharf until the next morning where we will catch the before HW slack at the falls and head for Renforth!

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Boothbay and Northeast Harbor

A couple of days without wifi but today (sat) we are at the library in Northeast Harbour where there is great handwork. Chris is uploading a video presentation of himself doing a presentation of the Southern Tail for a diving conference.

It has too be presented on Ottawa at 11 this morning. When he is done we will head for Cutler. Yesterday we came from Boothbay Harbor and the Carosel Marina where we needed to stop for fuel. ETA in St Andrews will be Sunday Aftrnoon.

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We are underway

Yesterday at 14:30 John Lok arrived at Lok’s Nest by Launch with papers in hand.  I know it was difficult for him to let go of her and he didn’t look back has he returned to the wharf.  We were underway with in seconds and headed out into the famous Buzzards Bay Chop to go up the bay to the canal.  From there we refueled and headed toward Maine.   A little over 24 hours latter we are lying in Booth Bay Harbour at the Carosel Marina on a mooring.   Check out Chris’s FB for videos tonight.   I have found some free wifi and I think he will be able to upload some.

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day of waiting

Today begin quickly with scooting up to Maine and looking at the final two.  Neither of them turned out to be what I was looking for.   So it was off to the negotiating table.   It is Monday night now and we have submitted an offer on Loks Nest and are waiting.    We know that it has been presented and we will just have to wait.    I have to give the rental car back tomorrow at 7:30 AM  They have already soaked me over $400 for that and when asked them if i could add a day and change the drop off location they wanted a further 150   This is ridiculous since i would be actually bringing the car back significantly closer to both a large city and NYC.   So we will no be using BUDGET again will we!   A quick check of price line showed under $100 and that was with out activating the negotiator!   We may drop of one and pick up another.   Hopefully we will have some feed back from the owners and make that decision soon!

Chris and I had a good day cruising through Hamilton Marine, walking on the beach and eating in a need steak house called Bugaboo.  They had all kinds of stuffed large animal heads on the wall, which would occasionally come to life and talk to you!

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Four boats looked at, two to go

We are in Peabody Mass tonight. We got a room at the Merriot for $50 from priceline. The best prospect is this one
We will start making offers tomorrow after looking at the others.

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Great flights and interesting people

Made it on time to Jersey City (across from NYC). It is hot here. Over 105 now. And the sun is going down. I had a great chat with a gal named Audry from north of Bangor. She is a school teacher in the winter. A singer song writer in the summer. Fiddle. Cello bass and guitar! She lives in an island off of mount desert I. In The summer and lives in a hobbit house in the winter. I may even be able to catch her in concert back in Northeast Harbor next Thursday. Tomorrow is a prep day. Making phone calls, confirming appointments. Then early Sunday chris arrives and we head down east.

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