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Other Projects

Small projects, repairs, upgrades etc

View The StudyTime Album


Pictures of the Irwin 28 Mark IV StudyTime. This vessel is currently for sale.

View The Sailing Home from Annapolis Album

Sailing Home from Annapolis

Pictures of the acquisition and delivery of Studytime in the Spring of 2006

View The Shellback Dinghy Album

Shellback Dinghy

Building of a Shellback Dinghy - Joel White Design

View The 12 foot stitch and glue custom Album

12 foot stitch and glue custom

This 12 foot stitch and glue was built about 10 years ago as a row boat. The next year we designed and built the cockpit and rigged her with a "cadet" rig. In the winter of 2011 she was refinished and cloth added to her bottom and topsides and sole.

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