Upgrades winter 2013

The galley was the focus of upgrades this winter togeather with the retiring of the new DC panel and a face plate for the radios and GPS. I hope also to move the instrument panel for the engine to a more visible location. The diesel injector that was leaking was removed and we are waiting for a new copper washer to reinstall. Here are some pictures of the projects.

Nat spent about 2 hours aloft in the summer putting the radome in place and securing the wire to it.






Near the end of the season. Ready for haul out. Mom painted this picture and it is now in our living room.







Starting to take the galley apart.






First big job was to build a good workbench. I always have wanted one of these. It makes working a piece of wood so much easier.






Pulled out the battery and sent it in to Clear Power for testing. Got a call back from the Rolles/surrette people and it looks like they are going to either replace some bad cells or perhaps the whole battery.


A caddy for the plates and bowels. This will go above the counter on the port side.

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